Power Line Communication

Power Line Communication (PLC) is a communication technology that implements electrical wiring to carry both data and electric power at the same time.
Vertexcom Technologies' certified Narrowband/ Wideband PLC SoC solutions with proven performance and reliability help customers to save development effort and reduce time to market.


Wireless Sub-GHz Solutions

Sub-GHz wireless communication uses frequencies below the 1 GHz band and offers several advantages over other wireless technologies: longer range, less attenuation, lower radio interference, etc. Vertexcom Technologies provides high performance sub-GHz RF transceivers and SoCs with multiple types of software protocols for different applications.


Dual Mode Communication

Dual mode communication refers to the technology that can operate on more than one form of data transmission or network.
Vertexcom Technologies’ dual mode VC8300 is a highly integrated, cost effective single-chip solution incorporating G3-PLC and sub-GHz RF system, ensuring robust connectivity and flexibility of the best path selection.



Utility Industry & Energy Management

In the utility industry where power plants, renewable energy, households, office buildings on the smart grid network, and consumers can all benefit from the smarter energy management.


Smart Home & HEMS (Home Energy Management System)

Smart home is building or home automation with energy consumption monitoring, and automation of lighting, air conditioning, pre-configured scenarios, security, and home appliances, etc.


Elderly/ Children/ Pets Monitoring

Home monitoring (security camera) and health monitoring with wearable sensors are important parts of tracking system due to the increasing number of aging population and people living alone.


Smart City & Smart Street Lighting

A smart city refers to an urban area that has a network with various sensors and devices (IoT) to collect data from the areas, including people, traffic, lighting, environment, assets, etc.


Environmental Monitoring System

The smart city network can also help monitoring the quality of the environment including air quality, soil, water, weather, chemicals and pollutions in the environment.


Smart Agricultural System

Farmers can use smart agricultural technologies with a network of sensors to monitor and control the light, temperature, soil pH, humidity, and fertilizer applications, to grow better produce.

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