VertexCom is a brand of world-class communication chips and networking software for long-range, large-scale IoT, smart grids, and automotive applications. Our product lines include state-of-art wireless (Wi-SUN), wired (HomePlug AV & GreenPHY, HPLC, G3-PLC), and hybrid dual-mode communication solutions. Our outstanding team has successfully developed Wi-SUN (IEEE 802.15.4g/x), Homeplug AV and GreenPHY PLC (IEEE 1901) certified platforms delivering high performance and robust connectivity. VertexCom HomePlug GreenPHY chips, with automotive-grade quality, have been successfully applied to V2G communications for the electric vehicle charging standard ISO 15118.

VertexCom provides strong support to enable clients' IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications through advanced products. Our technologies have been applied with success to smart metering, smart utility, smart energy, smart city, EV charging systems, and more. VertexCom is also working on industry-grade security, indoor positioning, battery-powered networking, and time-sensitive networking technologies to drive more IIoT applications.

VertexCom R&D team has over 20 years of experience in communication IC design and analog design, and owns several of the industry's core technology patents. The team's expertise has enabled successful development of G3-PLC and Wi-SUN certified platforms, delivering future-proof, robust connectivity and performance. As contributors to international communication specifications, we also participate in the development of Wi-SUN FAN 1.1 and G3-PLC & RF hybrid dual-mode specification.


VertexCom provides robust mesh networking solutions for large-scale IoT. We offer low-power, cost-effective Wi-SUN and PLC solutions for IIoT.

  • Sub-GHz wireless MCU/SoCs, compliant with the Wi-SUN (FAN 1.0, FAN 1.1) and wireless-MBus protocols
  • Homeplug GreenPHY SoC and line driver, automotive-grade and compliant with the ISO 15118-3 protocol
  • Wireline PLC SoCs, compliant with the Homeplug AV protocol

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