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General Description

The VC7xxx-series is a highly-integrated wireless MCU designed for IoT applications. It integrates a Cortex-M3 MCU, a high-performance sub-1GHz radio, Flash and SRAM memory, various interfaces (e.g., UART, SPI, I2C, PWM) and functionalities such as ADC and high precision timer. VC7xxx-series also supports power saving modes for low-power usages. The embedded sub-1GHz wireless transceiver is fully compliant to IEEE802.15.4g/x. It integrates the high-perfomance LNA and PAs (13dBm or 20dBm) for low power consumption and long-range wireless links. The advanced DSP technology ensures that the VC73xx can provide the best communication system performance in its class, such as the maximum link budget, the high ACI rejection and more.

Specifically, VC7000 allows customers to add wireless link capability to MCUs of their own choices. Moreover, VC7200 provides advanced mesh networking capabilities and open-CPU for small-to-medium scale IoT applications, while VC7300 (compliant to Wi-SUN FAN1.0) and VC7351 (compliant to Wi-SUN FAN1.1) support large-scale industrial IoT applications such as smart metering.

Key Features

 Best-in-class sub-1GHz RF transceiver compliant to IEEE802.15.4g/x

 ARM Cortex-M3 CPU with embedded flash and SRAM memory

 Support large scale networking (Wi-SUN FAN 1.0 and FAN 1.1)

 Support small-to-medium scale easy networking

 Support real-time applications

 Embedded hardware security accelerator

 Abundant interfaces for versitile IoT appliations

 Low power consumption

MCU Features


  • 32-bit Cortex M3 with maximum 39.3126 MHz clock
  • Single cycle multiplier
  • Standard 2-wires SWD debug port
  • 512/1024 KB Flash with write protect, support both IAP and ISP
  • 128 KB SRAM with parity check and data retention under sleep mode
  • 16 KB SRAM with data retention under deep-sleep mode
  • Support abort exception detection including flash check-sum error, SRAM parity error, memory address error and memory align error
  • Support boot from embedded flash or boot from internal ROM with IO strap option

 Interface Controller

  • Support SPI flash and SPI SRAM for program execution and direct data read/write
  • 4 UART controllers with parity check and transmit/receive FIFOs
  • Each IR channel can be coupled with IR carrier for IR transmission
  • 1 SPI master/slave controller
  • 1 I2C master/slave controller
  • 4 32-bit timers
  • 4 16-bit PWM timers
  • 4-channels DMA controller
  • AES-128/192/256 CODEC
  • ECC encrypt/decrypt accelerated engine
  • Watch dog timers with programmable period
  • Support multiple wake-up sources under each mode
  • Maximum 35 GPIOs
  • 11 GPIOs with external interrupt and wakeup sources
  • Key scan controller supporting up to 16 keys with 4x4 matrix

 Analog Controller

  • 1 Msps 10-bit ADC with 6 external inputs
  • ADC supports manual sample mode or auto sample mode
  • 1 comparator with single end input or differential input
  • Embedded 32 KHz and 39.2166 MHz RCO
  • Support external 32 KHz crystal
  • Support crystal absent detection for 32KHz
  • Each clock can be selected as system clock
  • Support digital clock divider up to 256x
  • Support low voltage detection with programmable level
  • Support power-on reset for both IO voltage and core voltage
  • Support RTC auto-calibration (accuracy: 1 ppm)

Radio Features

 Support IEEE 802.15.4g/x, wireless M-Bus

 Support modulation schemes: OOK, 4/(G)FSK, GMSK and OFDM

 Support sub-1GHz bands: 230, 315, 433, 490, 868, 915 MHz

 Excellent selectivity performance

  • Adjacent channel rejection: >48 dB
  • Blocking signal rejection: >75 dB

 Best-in-class receiver sensitivity

  • -109 dBm at 50 kbps

 Maximum data rate: 300 kbps (FSK) and 3.6Mbps (OFDM)

 Configurable maximum transmit output power :

  • HPA output: +20 dBm
  • MPA output: +13 dBm

 Automatic output power ramping

 Automatic RX wake-up for low power listen

 Fast wake-up and AGC for low power listen

 Functions for link robustness:

  • Frequency hopping
  • Auto-acknowledgement
  • Auto-retransmission

 RSSI and clear channel assessment for listen-before-talk

 Support packet over packet reception for reliable communication

 Early reception termination:

  • Receiving error detection
  • Receiver identification filtering

System Features

 Operating Voltage: 2.0 V ~ 3.6 V


  • VC7000: QFN-32 (5 x 5mm)
  • VC7200: QFN-64 (9 x 9mm)
  • VC7300B: QFN-64 (9 x 9mm)
  • VC7351: QFN-68 (8 x 8mm)

 Operation Temperature: -40 ~ +85 °C

 Power consumption of VC7000:

  • RX mode: 18 mA
  • TX mode: 45 mA@+13 dBm, 110 mA@+20 dBm

 Power consumption of SoCs:

  • Sleep mode:
    • VC7200: ~2 uA
    • VC7300B: ~9 uA
  • Deep sleep mode: <1.1 uA

Block Diagram

Ordering Information

Part Number Flash RAM Package Body Size(mm)
VC7300AU 512 KB 128 KB QFN-64 9x9
VC7300BU 1 MB 128 KB QFN-64 9x9

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