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Low-power High-performance Sub-GHz RF Transceiver

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General Description

RF transceiver VC700X series is Vertexcom’s first-generation sub-GHz radios to fulfill the wireless communications needs for IoT applications. It features low power consumption, long-range and robust wireless links, being able to reject nearby and far-off large interfering RF signals. Its resistance to de-sensitizing strong interferers make it a perfect solution to applications of complex sub-GHz mesh networking. Varieties of power-saving modes are employed to reflect characteristics of IoT networks and can be leveraged to reduce power consumption at the system level. With these features, VC700X is a perfect fit for IoT applications, demanding wide coverage, reliable link quality and long battery life.

RF transmit/receive frontend, RF synthesizer, T/R switches, power amplifiers and high-dynamic range ADCs are integrated on a single die. In addition, a radio controller is embedded for radio control and simple protocol processing; SPI is the interface to host system. The high-level integration enables low-cost and small footprint solutions for the ever-increasing demands of IoT applications.

Key Features

 Support IEEE 802.15.4g/Wi-SUN

 Support wireless M-Bus

 ISM Frequency bands: 315, 433, 490, 868, 915 MHz ISM

 Excellent selectivity performance

  • Adjacent channel rejection: 48 dB
  • Blocking performance: > 75 dB

 Best-in-class receiver sensitivity

  • -109 dBm at 50 kbps GFSK

 Maximum data rate: 300 kbps

 Configurable maximum transmit output power :

  • +20 dBm
  • +13 dBm

 Automatic output power ramping

 Current consumption

  • Shut-down: 70 nA
  • Sleep mode: 0.8 µA
  • Receive mode: 16 mA
  • Transmit mode: 96 mA at +20 dBm

 Modulation schemes: OOK, (G)FSK, 4(G)FSK and GMSK

 Automatic RX wake-up for low power listen

 Fast wake-up and AGC for low-power listen

 Functions for wireless link robustness

  • RF channel hopping
  • Retransmission
  • Auto-acknowledgement

 Digital RSSI and clear channel assessment for CSMA and listen-before-talk systems

 Support packet over packet reception for reliable communication

 Early termination of receive mode for incorrect preamble reception

 Hardware-based user identification listen to eliminate false wake-up

 Oscillators: 32 MHz XO, 32 kHz RCO and a fast wake-up RCO

 One SPI interface to host MCU

 Single power supply voltage with integrated LDOs: 2.0 V ~ 3.6 V

 Package: QFN-32 (5mm x 5mm)

 Ambient temperature range: -40 °C ~ +85 °C


 802.15.4g-based proprietary applications

 Wi-SUN FAN applications

 Wireless M-Bus

 Smart metering, such as gas, water, and electricity meters, etc.

 Smart home and building

 Industrial monitoring and control

 Wireless alarm and security systems

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